INDListen Interface

Use to listen for connection requests from peers.

The INDAdapter::Listen method returns this interface.


The INDListen interface inherits from INDOverlapped. INDListen also defines the following types of members:

  • Methods


The INDListen interface defines the following method.

Method Description

Retrieves the handle for a pending connection request.



Network Direct uses an active/passive model for establishing a connection between peers; the passive side listens for connection requests from the active side.

The active side makes the following calls:

Receive (can occur before or after Connect)

Connect (completes after getting the Accept or Reject request)


Send (begins the first Send/Receive exchange)

And the passive side makes the following calls:

GetConnectionRequest (receives the Connect request)

Receive (Receives the first Send request)


The iWARP specification requires that the active side always initiate a send to the passive side before the passive side can issue a send to the active side; after the connection is established, the passive side cannot issue a Send until it has received its first message from the active side. Effectively, this requires the passive side to always issue at least one Receive request, and wait for it to complete, before it can begin issuing Send requests (even if it issues only Send requests).

Either side of a connection can terminate the connection by calling the INDConnector::Disconnect method. When an endpoint is disconnected, all requests are flushed. The completion status is ND_CANCELED for all outstanding Send and Receive requests on both sides of the connection.



Microsoft Message Passing Interface (MS-MPI)





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