Walkthrough: Deploying a Windows SideShow Gadget with Visual Studio 2008

This walkthrough demonstrates the process of creating an installer for a Windows SideShow gadget. In this walkthrough, you will create a Windows Installer package for a SideShow Gadget. These instructions assume you have created a strong-name signed gadget that includes a property page. Some steps of this walkthrough require that you have access to the gadget source code. (If you do not have access to the source code, you must, at a minimum, know the GUIDs for the gadget ID and the property page and know how to create a custom managed assembly.) The package you will create installs the gadget, adds the required entries to the registry, and registers the gadget with Windows SideShow.

These instructions assume you are using Visual Studio 2008, but the steps for Visual Studio 2005 are similar.

In This Section

Create a deployment project

Add the required registry entries

Add launch conditions

Create custom actions

Build and deploy the gadget installer

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