DifferentiateContent Property

Returns a Boolean that determines whether the Windows Sideshow platform needs to make more than one call to the GetContent method.



HRESULT get_DifferentiateContent(
    BOOL *out_pfDifferentiateContent

Property Value


[out] A pointer to a Boolean flag that the Windows SideShow gadget writes into. True if the device intends to provide customized content based on the individual capabilities of the associated Windows SideShow-compatible devices; otherwise False.

This property is read-only.

Return Values




Success, which indicates that the Windows SideShow gadget successfully wrote the Boolean flag to the location provided by the Windows SideShow platform.

Other HRESULT values

The Windows SideShow gadget may return HRESULT values other than S_OK to communicate error conditions to the Windows SideShow platform.


After a Windows SideShow gadget calls the Add method of the ISideShowContentManager interface, the Windows SideShow platform accesses this property first, using its value to determine whether it needs to make more than one call to the GetContent method.

If this method returns an HRESULT value other than S_OK, the corresponding call to the Add method of its ISideShowContentManager interface returns E_INVALIDARG.


This example demonstrates one possible implementation of the DifferentiateContent Property in the client-implemented ISideShowContent interface. Other implementations are, of course, possible.

In this example, the Boolean value that determines whether content is differentiated was stored locally in the m_bDifferentiateContent member variable when the constructor for the CSideShowContent class was called.


STDMETHODIMP CSideShowContent::get_DifferentiateContent(BOOL* pbDiffContentPerDevice)
    // Copy the differentiate content Boolean value into the out
    // parameter and return successfully.
    *pbDiffContentPerDevice = m_bDifferentiateContent;

    return S_OK;

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