Policy Considerations

When working with CLFS Management policies, be aware of the following:

  • There are default policies that are in effect until they are overwritten by client policies.
  • Client policies are not persistent; they are in effect until they are overwritten or until all log handles have been closed. When all log handles are closed, the log reverts to the default policies.
  • All clients are subject to the same policies, even if they are using other log streams.
  • A policy does not take effect immediately after it is installed; a specific log action triggers the change, such as adding a record.
  • You can only install one policy at a time.
  • Installing a policy overwrites the defaults.
  • You can only set one group of policies per physical log.
  • If more than one client updates a policy, the updates can overwrite each other and cause unexpected results. Therefore, managed clients must have consistent policies if those clients are going to share a physical log.
  • You can reset a policy to its default state by calling RemoveLogPolicy.