Working with IXpsOMDocument Interfaces

This topic describes the interfaces that provide access to the document-level components of an XPS OM.

Interface name Logical child interfaces Description



Represents a single FixedDocument part and binds a collection of page references.

IXpsOMPageReferenceCollection is the collection interface that is used to iterate through the IXpsOMPageReference interfaces in a document.



Represents the DocumentStructure part.


Code Examples

The code examples in this section illustrate how some of the document interfaces are used in a program.

Get the page references of a document

The following code example gets a pointer to the IXpsOMPageReferenceCollection that contains the list of IXpsOMPageReference interfaces for the document that is referenced by doc parameter.

    HRESULT                               hr = S_OK;

    IXpsOMPageReferenceCollection         *pages;
    IXpsOMPageReference                   *pageRef;
    IXpsOMPage                            *page;

    UINT32  numPageRefs = 0;
    UINT32  thisPageRef = 0;

    // get the doc contents
    hr = doc->GetPageReferences(&pages);
    // walk the collection of page references
    hr = pages->GetCount(&numPageRefs);
    thisPageRef = 0;
    while (thisPageRef < numPageRefs) {
        // get this page reference
        hr = pages->GetAt(thisPageRef, &pageRef);

        // get the page content of this page reference
        hr = pageRef->GetPage (&page);

        // use the page

        // free this page & page reference and go to next


Get the document structure of a document

The following code example gets the resource that contains the document structure.

    HRESULT                             hr = S_OK;
    IXpsOMDocumentStructureResource     *docStruct;
    IStream                             *docStructResStream;

    // doc is passed in as an argument
    // get the doc contents
    hr = doc->GetDocumentStructureResource(&docStruct);
    hr = docStruct->GetStream ( &docStructResStream );

    // access the document structure resource 
    //  contents by reading from the stream