Packet-based Data Containers

The WMS Push Data Source and WMS Network Data Source plug-ins are examples of data source plug-ins that use packet-based data containers to read content. A packet-based data container retrieves data from a network or outside source and is dependent on that source to deliver data in a timely fashion.

A packet-based data container must implement the IWMSDataContainer, IWMSPacketStreamDataContainer, IWMSPacketStreamer, and IWMSPushSource interfaces. For sample code implementations of the required interfaces, see Custom Plug-in Interfaces (C++). A sample data source plug-in can also be found where you installed the Windows Media Services SDK, by default \WMSDK\WMServices9\Samples\DataSource folder. The sample does not implement a packet-based data container; however it can help you get started.

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