The excl element defines a time container in which only one media element can be played at a time, but the order in which the elements are played is not restricted.


The WMS SMIL Playlist Parser plug-in enforces case sensitivity on the excl element.

Unlike the seq element, the excl element does not impose order on the media elements it contains. That is, the first media element that appears in the time container does not necessarily play first. The order is determined by the begin times associated with each element. However, only one media element can play at a time. By default, if one media element in an excl time container interrupts another, the active element is stopped and the interrupting element started. You can use the priorityClass element to modify this behavior. If you do not specify a start time for any of the elements within an excl time container, only the first media element is played. If there is only one element in the time container, you do not need to specify a begin time.


In the following example, assume that all of the media elements are at least 30 seconds long. The following playlist, using both seq and excl elements, will play four digital media files in a sequence that is different from the order in which the files appear in the playlist.

  1. Clip2.wmv plays first and runs for 30 seconds.

  2. Clip1.wmv starts when Clip2.wmv ends and plays for another 30 seconds.

  3. Control then passes to the second excl time container, and clip4.wmv plays for 30 seconds.

  4. Clip3.wmv starts when clip4.wmv ends and runs for 30 seconds.

The endSync attribute assigned to each excl element specifies the synchronization rule applied to the child elements within the container. When this value equals "last", the container ends when all of the child elements have ended.

This is illustrated by the following playlist.

<?wsx version="1.0"?>
     <excl endSync="last"> 
        <media src="c:\wmpub\wmroot\clip1.wmv" begin="30" dur="30" />
        <media src="c:\wmpub\wmroot\clip2.wmv " begin="0" end="30" />

    <excl id="e-id" endSync="last">
        <media src="c:\wmpub\wmroot\clip3.wmv" id="m1" begin="m2.end"
            end="m1.begin + 30" />
        <media src="c:\wmpub\wmroot\clip4.wmv" id="m2" begin="e-id.begin"
            end="m2.begin + 0:30" />


The following table identifies the attributes supported by Windows Media Services for the excl element.




Specifies the time at which an element becomes active, relative to the start of its parent time container.


Specifies the simple duration of a media element.


Specifies the time at which a media element stops playing, relative to the start of its parent time container.


Specifies the synchronization rule for child media elements within a parent time container.


Sends a playlist synchronization event from the shared playlist for a publishing point to all client wrapper playlists.


Uniquely identifies an element. This value must begin with a letter.


Specifies the number of times that an element is repeated.


Specifies the total duration of a repeated element.

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