IWMSACLCheckAdmin Object (C#)

You can use the IWMSACLCheckAdmin object to retrieve an IWMSAccessControlListIWMSAccessControlList Object (C#) containing a collection of IWMSAccessControlEntryIWMSAccessControlList Object (C#). IWMSAccessControlEntry objects specify read and write permissions for a publishing point or file system.

The IWMSACLCheckAdmin object exposes the following property.




Retrieves an IWMSAccessControlList object containing a collection of access control entries.


The following example illustrates how to retrieve an IWMSACLCheckAdmin object.

using Microsoft.WindowsMediaServices.Interop;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

// Declare variables.
WMSServer Server;
IWMSPlugin Plugin;
IWMSACLCheckAdmin ACLCheckAdmin;

try {
    // Create a new WMSServer object.
    Server = new WMSServerClass();

    // Retrieve the plug-in to be configured.
    Plugin = Server.EventHandlers[
        "WMS Publishing Points ACL Authorization"];

    // Retrieve the custom interface of the plug-in.
    ACLCheckAdmin =
catch (COMException comExc) {
    // TODO: Handle COM exceptions.
catch (Exception e) {
    // TODO: Handle exceptions.

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