IWMSDirectory Object (C#)

You can implement the IWMSDirectory object to navigate a directory. For example, consider the following playlist in which *.wmv indicates that all of the Windows Media files in the c:\wmpub\wmroot directory are to be streamed to the client.

<?wsx version="1.0"?>
    <media src = "c:\wmpub\wmroot\*.wmv"/>

Because the media element uses the wildcard character "*" to identify all of the Windows Media files in the directory, the server calls IWMSDataSourcePlugin.OpenDirectory on a file system data source plug-in. The plug-in creates an instance of an object that implements the IWMSDirectory object, enumerates the media files in the directory, and passes the server a pointer to the IWMSDirectory object when it calls IWMSDataSourcePluginCallback.OnOpenDirectory. The server then calls IWMSPlaylistParser.ReadPlaylistFromDirectory on an enabled playlist parser plug-in and passes in the IWMSDirectory object. The playlist parser plug-in uses the object to call GetChildInfo and retrieve information about the files in the directory.


The file system data source plug-in must support enumeration. Also, This object is available only on Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition; Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition; and Windows Server 2008.

The IWMSDirectory object exposes the following properties and methods.




Retrieves information about a specific media element in a directory.


Retrieves a reference to the plug-in used to source content from the directory.


Retrieves the full path of the directory, including the URL scheme.

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