Registering Plug-ins

Plug-ins are COM objects that must be registered in the system registry before they can be used by Windows Media Services. The information that must be contained in the registry is identified in the following sections. The exact registry entries depend on the nature of the plug-in.


   If you are using Windows Media Services 9 Series, the list of plug-ins in the Plugin pane must be refreshed before your custom plug-in can be accessed in the user interface.



Category Information

Discusses plug-in categories and identifies registration keys.

Event Notification Subcategory Information

Discusses subcategory information that identifies placement of an event notification and authorization plug-in in the plug-in list of the Windows Media Services user interface.

Registering Plug-in Properties

Discusses the plug-in properties that can be stored in the system registry.

Registering a COM Plug-in

Discusses how to register a plug-in created by using ATL.

Registering a .NET Plug-in

Discusses how to modify your code and register a plug-in created by using the .NET environment.

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