Redistributing Windows Media Services Components with Your Application

Windows Media Services 9 Series contains the following three redistributable components that must be used during development and deployment of software applications that interoperate with Windows Media Services.

  • WMSServerTypeLib.dll

  • Microsoft.WindowsMediaServices.dll

  • interop_msxml.dll


   The WMSServerTypeLib.dll can be used with or without managed code, whereas the Microsoft.WindowsMediaServices.dll and interop_msxml.dll are required when writing managed code.

These three files can be obtained from the Microsoft® Platform SDK through the Windows Media Services 9 Series component installation option. Installing the Microsoft Platform SDK will also grant the developer redistribution rights for these three files. The files will be found in the \include folder under the Microsoft Windows Platform SDK installation root folder. The default folder is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\include. The default folder for licensing terms is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\License.

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