SpeechDisplayAttributes (SAPI 5.4)

Microsoft Speech API 5.4

SpeechDisplayAttributes Enum

The SpeechDisplayAttributes enumeration lists the possible ways of displaying a word.

Used by ISpeechPhraseReplacement.DisplayAttributes and ISpeechPhraseElement.DisplayAttributes to retrieve SpeechDisplayAttributes for the recognition. This property cannot be set and it is determined by the particular engine and is specific for the language.


  Enum SpeechDisplayAttributes
    SDA_No_Trailing_Space = 0
    SDA_One_Trailing_Space = 2
    SDA_Two_Trailing_Spaces = 4
    SDA_Consume_Leading_Spaces = 8
End Enum


  • SDA_No_Trailing_Space
    Does not insert any trailing spaces after words.
  • SDA_One_Trailing_Space
    Inserts one trailing space, used for most words.
  • SDA_Two_Trailing_Spaces
    Inserts two trailing spaces, often used after a sentence's final period.
  • SDA_Consume_Leading_Spaces
    Consume leading space, often used for periods. If this is absent, the word should have a leading space by default.