SpeechEngineConfidence (SAPI 5.4)

Microsoft Speech API 5.4

SpeechEngineConfidence Enum

The SpeechEngineConfidence enumeration specifies levels of confidence.

Results returned by the speech recognition (SR) engine may be assigned one of these values to indicate the degree of confidence of the recognition. Alternatively, the engine may be assigned one of these values as a minimum requirement before passing back a recognition.

See Confidence Scoring and Rejection in SAPI Speech Recognition Engine Guide for additional details.


  Enum SpeechEngineConfidence
    SECLowConfidence = -1
    SECNormalConfidence = 0
    SECHighConfidence = 1
End Enum


  • SECLowConfidence
    Indication of low confidence.
  • SECNormalConfidence
    Indication of normal confidence.
  • SECHighConfidence
    Indication of high confidence.