SpeechRuleState (SAPI 5.4)

Microsoft Speech API 5.4

SpeechRuleState Enum

The SpeechRuleState enumeration lists the states of a speech grammar rule.


  Enum SpeechRuleState
    SGDSInactive = 0
    SGDSActive = 1
    SGDSActiveWithAutoPause = 3
    SGDSActiveUserDelimited = 4
End Enum


  • SGDSInactive
    Grammar rule is inactive.
  • SGDSActive
    Grammar rule is active.
  • SGDSActiveWithAutoPause
    SR engine will be placed in a paused state when the grammar rule is recognized.
  • SGDSActiveUserDelimited
    Indicates that the audio will start when the user starts speaking, and will end when the user stops speaking.