SpeechTokenContext (SAPI 5.4)

Microsoft Speech API 5.4

SpeechTokenContext Enum

The SpeechTokenContext enumeration lists the context in which the code managing the newly created object runs.

This is associated with COM and the use of CoRegisterClassObject to make new objects. Used in SpObjectToken.CreateInstance


  Enum SpeechTokenContext
    STCInprocServer = 1
    STCInprocHandler = 2
    STCLocalServer = 4
    STCRemoteServer = 16
    STCAll = 23
End Enum


  • STCInprocServer
    Creates and manages objects in the same process as the caller of the function.
  • STCInprocHandler
    Creates and manages objects as an in process (InProc) handler. This is a DLL running in the client process and implements client-side structures of this class when instances are accessed remotely.
  • STCLocalServer
    Creates and manages objects that are loaded in a separate process space; that is, it runs on same computer but in a different process.
  • STCRemoteServer
    Creates and manages objects on a remote machine context.
  • STCAll
    Creates and manages objects for all class contexts.