SpeechVoicePriority (SAPI 5.4)

Microsoft Speech API 5.4

SpeechVoicePriority Enum

The SpeechVoicePriority enumeration lists the possible Priority settings of an SpVoice object.

The priority level defines the order in which the text-to-speech (TTS) engine processes a voice object's speech requests relative to requests from other voice objects. Higher priority levels are assigned to error-handling voices and the lowest priority level is assigned to normal voices.

The default Priority setting of a voice is SVPNormal.


  Enum SpeechVoicePriority
    SVPNormal = 0
    SVPAlert = 1
    SVPOver = 2
End Enum


  • SVPNormal
    The priority of a normal voice. Text streams spoken by a normal voice are added to the end of the voice queue. A voice with SVPNormal priority cannot interrupt another voice.
  • SVPAlert
    The priority of an alert voice. Text streams spoken by an alert voice are inserted into the voice queue ahead of normal voice streams. An alert voice will interrupt a normal voice, which will resume speaking when the alert voice has finished speaking.
  • SVPOver
    The priority of an over voice. Text streams spoken by an over voice go into the voice queue ahead of normal and alert streams. An over voice will not interrupt, but speaks over (mixes with) the voices of lower priorities.