SpLexicon AddPronunciationByPhoneIds method (SAPI 5.4)

Microsoft Speech API 5.4

Object: SpLexicon
Type: Hidden

AddPronunciationByPhoneIds Method

The AddPronunciationByPhoneIds method adds a pronunciation, specified in phone IDs, to the current user lexicon.

     bstrWord As String,
     LangId As Long,
     [PartOfSpeech As SpeechPartOfSpeech = SPSUnknown],
     [PhoneIds As Variant = Nothing]


  • bstrWord
    The word to add.
  • LangId
    The language Id of the word.
  • PartOfSpeech
    [Optional] The PartOfSpeech. Default value is SPSUnknown.
  • PhoneIds
    [Optional] The pronunciation, in phone IDs. By default the Nothing value is used.

Return Value