ISpShortcut::GetWords (SAPI 5.4)

Microsoft Speech API 5.4


ISpShortcut::GetWords returns a linked list of shortcut pairs for a generation.

    HRESULT GetWords(
   DWORD         dwFlags,
   DWORD        *pdwGeneration,
   DWORD        *pdwCookie, 
   SPWORDLIST   *pWordList


  • dwFlags
    [in] A bitfield of SPLEXICONTYPE. It only takes the value of eLEXTYPE_USER_SHORTCUT.
  • pdwGeneration
    [in, out] The current generation ID will be returned.
  • pdwCookie
    [in, out] Should initially be NULL. A cookie will be returned, which can then be passed into a subsequent call to get more data, and so on.
  • pWordList
    [in, out] A linked list of shortcut pairs. If you want more, just use the cookie and call GetWords again

Return Value

An ISpeechLexiconWords object, which is a collection of one or more ISpeechLexiconWord objects.