ISpSRAlternates (SAPI 5.4)

Microsoft Speech API 5.4


New in SAPI 5.3

Defines the engine-level interface that SAPI uses to communicate with a recognition engine's alternate analyzer.

The two main features of an alternate analyzer are the ability to generate alternate phrases for a recognized phrase (see GetAlternates) and the ability to update the speech recognition engine's acoustic and/or language models based on alternate selection (see Commit).

When to Use

The ISpSRAlternates interface is an engine-level interface, called by SAPI when an SR application calls the respective application-level interface (e.g., ISpRecoResult::GetAlternates for ISpSRAlternates::GetAlternates, ISpPhraseAlt::Commit for ISpSRAlternates::Commit. The application should not call the ISpSRAlternates interface directly.

When to Implement

The ISpSRAlternates interface should be implemented as a COM object by the speech recognition engine vendor. The object will be used by SAPI to generate alternates of phrases recognized by the vendor's engine and to commit updates to the engine's acoustic and/or language model.
See the Speech Recognition Engine Porting Guide for more information on how to implement the alternate analyzer object.

Methods in Vtable Order

ISpSRAlternates Methods