ISpTTSEngineSite::GetSkipInfo (SAPI 5.4)

Microsoft Speech API 5.4


ISpTTSEngineSite::GetSkipInfo retrieves the number and type of items to be skipped in the text stream.

    HRESULT GetSkipInfo(SPVSKIPTYPE   *peType,
   long          *plNumItems


  • peType
    [out] Pointer to an SPVSKIPTYPE which specifies the type of item to skip.  Currently only sentences.
  • plNumItems
    [out] Pointer to a long that specifies the number of items to skip.

Return values



This function should be called when a call to GetActions returns SPVES_SKIP. plNumItems can be positive, signifying a forward skip, or negative, signifying a backward skip, or zero, signifying a skip to the beginning of the current item.

After the engine has skipped as many items as possible, it must call ISpTTSEngineSite::CompleteSkip to inform SAPI of how many items were successfully skipped. If the engine was unable to skip the requested number of items, it should end its current Speak call immediately.