DS3DBUFFER Structure

The DS3DBUFFER structure contains all information necessary to uniquely describe the location, orientation, and motion of a 3D sound buffer. This structure is used with the IDirectSound3DBuffer8::GetAllParameters and IDirectSound3DBuffer8::SetAllParameters methods.


typedef struct DS3DBUFFER {
    DWORD dwSize;
    D3DVECTOR vPosition;
    D3DVECTOR vVelocity;
    DWORD dwInsideConeAngle;
    DWORD dwOutsideConeAngle;
    D3DVECTOR vConeOrientation;
    LONG lConeOutsideVolume;
    D3DVALUE flMinDistance;
    D3DVALUE flMaxDistance;
    DWORD dwMode;


  • dwSize
    Size of the structure, in bytes. This member must be initialized before the structure is used.
  • vPosition
    A D3DVECTOR structure that describes the current position of the 3D sound buffer.
  • vVelocity
    A D3DVECTOR structure that describes the current velocity of the 3D sound buffer.
  • dwInsideConeAngle
    The angle of the inside sound projection cone.
  • dwOutsideConeAngle
    The angle of the outside sound projection cone.
  • vConeOrientation
    A D3DVECTOR structure that describes the current orientation of this 3D buffer's sound projection cone.
  • lConeOutsideVolume
    The cone outside volume.
  • flMinDistance
    The minimum distance.
  • flMaxDistance
    The maximum distance.
  • dwMode
    The 3D sound processing mode to be set. This value must be one of the values shown in the following table.
    Value Description
    DS3DMODE_DISABLE 3D sound processing is disabled. The sound will appear to originate from the center of the listener's head.
    DS3DMODE_HEADRELATIVE Sound parameters (position, velocity, and orientation) are relative to the listener's parameters. In this mode, the absolute parameters of the sound are updated automatically as the listener's parameters change, so that the relative parameters remain constant. In other words, the sound moves with the listener.
    DS3DMODE_NORMAL Default. The parameters of the sound are relative to world space.


Header: Declared in DSound.h.

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