The IDirectSoundNotify8 interface sets up notification events for a playback or capture buffer.

IDirectSoundNotify8 is a define for IDirectSoundNotify. The two interface names are interchangeable.

The interface is obtained by calling the QueryInterface method of an existing interface on a DirectSound buffer object. Secondary buffers support notifications only if they are created with the DSBCAPS_CTRLPOSITIONNOTIFY flag.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IDirectSoundNotify8 interface exposes the following method.

IDirectSoundNotify8 Member

Method Description
IDirectSoundNotify8::SetNotificationPositions The SetNotificationPositions method sets the notification positions. During capture or playback, whenever the read or play cursor reaches one of the specified offsets, the associated event is signaled.

The LPDIRECTSOUNDNOTIFY type is defined as a pointer to the IDirectSoundNotify interface:

typedef struct IDirectSoundNotify  *LPDIRECTSOUNDNOTIFY;


Header: Declared in DSound.h.

Library: Use Dsound3d.dll.

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