SPDUI_EngineProperties (SAPI 5.4)

Microsoft Speech API 5.4

User Interface

The following user interfaces (UI) are available. Each UI listed provides the C/C++ and Automation symbols although each pair refers to the same UI. The UI provided is for SAPI 5 speech recognition (SR) or text-to-speech engines (TTS).

Though not required, engines may employ a process improvement procedure and request additional information from the user. For example, if the recognition attempts are consistently poor or if the engine detects a consistent and interfering background noise, the SR engine could request that the user run the training or microphone wizard. This event is a suggestion by the SR engine to run the particular UI. The application may choose to initiate the UI or may ignore the suggestion.

Each manufacturer's engine may provide a different set of UI, so check documentation with that particular engine for additional details.

C/C++ NameUI description
Automation Name
SPDUI_AddRemoveWordDisplays the Add/Remove word dialog box.
SPDUI_AudioPropertiesDisplays the SR engine's audio properties.
SPDUI_AudioVolumeDisplays the SR engine's audio level.
SPDUI_EnginePropertiesDisplays the engine's properties. This UI is available only in SAPI 5.0 engines; not in SAPI 5.1 or later versions.
SPDUI_MicTrainingDisplays the microphone wizard. Also available using Speech properties in Control Panel.
SPDUI_RecoProfileProperties  Displays the user profile wizard. Also available using Speech properties in Control Panel.
SPDUI_ShareData  Defines the string to display a speech recognition (SR) engine's UI that can offer the user the opportunity to share SR engine-related data with the engine vendor.
SPDUI_Tutorial  Defines the string for displaying a speech recognition (SR) engine's tutorial UI.
SPDUI_UserTrainingDisplays the training wizard. Also available using Speech properties in Control Panel.