Helper SpCreateNewTokenEx (SAPI 5.4)

Microsoft Speech API 5.4

SpCreateNewTokenEx (by CategoryId)

SpCreateNewTokenEx creates a new token using the category ID and a token name. It subsequently completes the information with the helper function SpSetCommonTokenData.

Found in: sphelper.h

   const WCHAR     *pszCategoryId,
   const WCHAR     *pszTokenKeyName,
   const CLSID     *pclsid,
   const WCHAR     *pszLangIndependentName,
   LANGID           langid,
   const WCHAR     *pszLangDependentName,
   ISpObjectToken **ppToken,
   ISpDataKey     **ppDataKeyAttribs


  • pszCategoryId
    [in] The null-terminated string indicating the category ID.
  • pszTokenKeyName
    [in out] The token name being created. If NULL, a unique token key name will be generated. If a name is provided it will append "Tokens" before it.
  • pclsid
    [in] Sets the token's CLSID, if specified.
  • pszLangIndependentName
    [in] Sets the null-terminated token language dependent name.
  • langid
    [in] The language ID of the word. May be zero to indicate the word can be of any LANGID.
  • pszLangDependentName
    [in] Sets the null-terminated token language dependent name.
  • ppToken
    [out] The newly created token. The token is created if it currently does not exist.
  • ppDataKeyAttribs
    [in] Opens the attributes key. The key is created if it does not currently exist. May be NULL if not needed.

Return values