ISpErrorLog::AddError (SAPI 5.4)

Microsoft Speech API 5.4


ISpErrorLog::AddError writes an error to the log file. Applications can implement this method to process the compilation error messages.

    HRESULT AddError(
   const long     lLineNumber,
   HRESULT        hr,
   const WCHAR   *pszDescription,
   const WCHAR   *pszHelpFile,
   DWORD          dwHelpContext


  • lLineNumber
    The line number of the error in the XML grammar file.
  • hr
    The error code being logged.
  • pszDescription
    A textual description of the error.
  • pszHelpFile
    The file being written to.
  • dwHelpContext
    Flags providing additional information for the log.

Return values


Because this method is application defined, the return value may change. See specific vendor documentation for details.