FaxJob.DeviceStatus property

The DeviceStatus property is a null-terminated string that describes the status of the port associated with the fax job.

This property is read-only.


Property DeviceStatus As String

Property value

A String that receives a localized null-terminated string that contains a fax device status. Following are the English string equivalents.

Dialing (Dialing)

The device is dialing a fax number.

Sending (Sending)

The device is sending a fax document.

Receiving (Receiving)

The device is receiving a fax document.

Completed (Completed)

The device completed sending or receiving a fax transmission.

Unavailable (Unavailable)

The device is not available because it is in use by another application.

Busy (Busy)

The device encountered a busy signal.

No Answer (No Answer)

The receiving device did not answer the call.

Bad Address (Bad Address)

The device dialed an invalid fax number.

No Dial Tone (No Dial Tone)

The sending device cannot complete the call because it does not detect a dial tone.

Disconnected (Disconnected)

The fax call was disconnected by the sender or the caller.

Fatal Error (Fatal Error)

The device has encountered a fatal protocol error.

Not a Fax Call (Not a Fax Call)

The device received a call that was a data call or a voice call.

Call Delayed (Call Delayed)

The device delayed a fax call because the sending device received a busy signal multiple times. The device cannot retry the call because dialing restrictions exist. (Some countries/regions restrict the number of retry attempts when a number is busy.)

Call Blacklisted (Call Blacklisted)

The device could not complete a call because the telephone number was blocked or reserved; emergency numbers such as 911 are blocked.

Initializing (Initializing)

The device is initializing a call.

Offline (Offline)

The device is offline and unavailable.

Ringing (Ringing)

The device is ringing.

Available (Available)

The device is available.

Aborting (Aborting)

The device is aborting a fax job.

Routing (Routing)

The device is routing a received fax document.

Answered (Answered)

The device answered a new call.

Handled (Handled)

The fax service processed the outbound fax document; the fax service provider will transmit the document.


If the job is in the job queue waiting transmission, the fax server has not associated a device with the job. In this instance, DeviceStatus is "Unknown".

DeviceStatus allocates the memory required for the buffer pointed to by the pVal parameter. The client application must call the SysFreeString function to deallocate the resources associated with this parameter. For more information, see Freeing Fax Resources.


Minimum supported client
Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server
Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]

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