IFPCLog::LogFieldSelection property

Applies to: desktop apps only

The LogFieldSelection property gets or sets a bitmask in which each bit specifies whether a particular log field is selected for logging. The first bit (0) refers to the first field defined for the log object, the second bit refers to the second field, and so on. Tables of the fields that can be included in Forefront TMG logs and the bit number of each Firewall service and Web proxy log field for are provided in Log Fields.

This property is read/write.


HRESULT put_LogFieldSelection(
  long lSelection

HRESULT get_LogFieldSelection(
  long *plSelection
' Data type: Long

Property LogFieldSelection( _
  ByVal lSelection As long, _
  ByVal plSelection As long _
) As Long

Property value

Bitmask that specifies the log fields that are selected for logging.

Error codes

These property methods return S_OK if the call is successful; otherwise, they return an error code.


This property is read/write.

This property is superseded by the LogFieldSelectionString property.


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 with SP2 (64-bit only)


Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010





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Build date: 7/12/2010