Remote Administration Installation

In Forefront TMG, a user may choose to install only the administration components of Forefront TMG on a particular computer, thereby creating a remote administration computer for Forefront TMG. That computer will provide the administrator with Forefront TMG Management for performing administration tasks manually and the Microsoft Forefront TMG Administration Library (Msfpccom.dll) for performing administration tasks programmatically, but will not include the Forefront TMG services.

If your filter includes user interface elements, you should provide an option for installing only the administration component. The administrator will then be able to install only the user interface for your filter on a remote administration computer, and install the filter itself on Forefront TMG computers.

If you create an administration script that will run on a remote administration computer, your script must first create an instance of the FPC root object. Then, your script can call the ConnectToConfigurationStorageServer method on the root object to access the Configuration Storage server for the Forefront TMG computer on which the filter is installed. After this call succeeds, your script can access any property or method in the hierarchy of administration COM objects. For more information, see the reference page for the FPC object and Creating the Root Forefront TMG Object.



Build date: 7/12/2010