Using the Header Buttons

This version of the Forefront Threat Management Gateway SDK documentation includes the following header and button bar at the top of many of the topics.

Note  The information on this page does not apply to the current version of MSDN.


The buttons appear only if the related feature is provided in the topic. The buttons indicate the following features.

Ff827517.seealso(en-us,VS.85).png The topic contains a See Also section.

To view the See Also links without scrolling to that section, click the button.

Ff827517.requirements(en-us,VS.85).png The topic contains a Requirements section.

To view the Requirements section without scrolling to that section, click the button.

Ff827517.filter(en-us,VS.85).png The topic contains paragraphs that are specific to a programming language.

To view all language-specific paragraphs, click the button, then select Show All. To view the paragraphs for one language only, click the button, and then select the preferred language (such as C++ or Visual Basic).




Build date: 7/12/2010