IActivitySettingsPart Members

Interface that defines methods that control the UI for the Activity in the Workflow Designer. Custom activities that have a UI in the FIM Portal must implement this interface.

The following tables list the members exposed by the IActivitySettingsPart type.

Public Properties

  Name Description
public property Title Gets the title of the activity.


Public Methods

  Name Description
public method GenerateActivityOnWorkflow This method is called when a user clicks the Save button in the Workflow Designer. It returns an instance of the activity that has its properties set to the values entered into the controls used in the UI of the activity.
public method LoadActivitySettings Called by FIM when the UI for the activity must be reloaded. This method should initialize UI controls to their default values.
public method PersistSettings Returns an ActivitySettingsPartData object that stores the current values of UI controls.
public method RestoreSettings This method should set the values of UI controls based on values stored in the data parameter
public method SwitchMode Sets the UI to edit or view mode.
public method ValidateInputs Returns false if any controls in the UI have values that are not valid.


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