IMAExtensible2CallExport.CloseExportConnection Method

Called at the end of an export run to disconnect the connected directory and to release resources.

Namespace: Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices
Assembly: Microsoft.MetadirectoryServicesEx (in Microsoft.MetadirectoryServicesEx.dll)


Dim instance As IMAExtensible2CallExport
Dim exportRunStep As CloseExportConnectionRunStep



Sub CloseExportConnection ( _
    exportRunStep As CloseExportConnectionRunStep _
void CloseExportConnection (
    CloseExportConnectionRunStep exportRunStep
void CloseExportConnection (
    CloseExportConnectionRunStep^ exportRunStep
void CloseExportConnection (
    CloseExportConnectionRunStep exportRunStep
function CloseExportConnection (
    exportRunStep : CloseExportConnectionRunStep



Use this method to close connections and release any resources that are obtained in the OpenExportConnection method. This method is called even if the OpenExportConnection method throws an exception.

Implement this method in all types of call-based connected data source extensions. All the exceptions that are described in this topic stop a run. If the method throws an exception that is not described in this topic, the run continues. If the run stops, the WMI Provider returns the string stopped-extension-dll-exception and generates an event log entry.

If the OpenExportConnection method throws an exception, the CloseExportConnection method is called to release the resources and disconnect the directory.

Exceptions: Return values, Errors, and Exceptions

The following is an example of CloseExportConnection:

    public void CloseExportConnection(CloseExportConnectionRunStep exportRunStep)
            // Close export file
            if (null != m_xmlWriterExport)

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