ClmUtils.CreateUnlinkedTempCardRequest Method

Creates a temporary card request that is not linked to an existing profile that contains a permanent card in Forefront Identity Manager Certificate Management (FIM CM).

Namespace: Mms_Metaverse
Assembly: ClmUtils (in ClmUtils.dll)


Dim instance As ClmUtils
Dim targetCLMMA As ConnectedMA
Dim aDObjectGUID As Guid
Dim profileTemplateName As String

instance.CreateUnlinkedTempCardRequest(targetCLMMA, aDObjectGUID, profileTemplateName)


Public Sub CreateUnlinkedTempCardRequest ( _
    targetCLMMA As ConnectedMA, _
    aDObjectGUID As Guid, _
    profileTemplateName As String _
public void CreateUnlinkedTempCardRequest (
    ConnectedMA targetCLMMA,
    Guid aDObjectGUID,
    string profileTemplateName
void CreateUnlinkedTempCardRequest (
    ConnectedMA^ targetCLMMA, 
    Guid aDObjectGUID, 
    String^ profileTemplateName
public void CreateUnlinkedTempCardRequest (
    ConnectedMA targetCLMMA, 
    Guid aDObjectGUID, 
    String profileTemplateName
public function CreateUnlinkedTempCardRequest (
    targetCLMMA : ConnectedMA, 
    aDObjectGUID : Guid, 
    profileTemplateName : String


  • targetCLMMA
    The FIM CM management agent through which the new object is provisioned.
  • aDObjectGUID
    The objectGuid of the associated Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) account for which you will create the request. This must be imported to the metaverse through the Active Directory management agent.
  • profileTemplateName
    The name of the profile template to which you are trying to provision the request.


Exception type Condition

A required parameter is not present.


A required parameter is null.


A required attribute is not selected in the management agent.


The object type that is referenced is not in the schema.


There was an unexpected error, possibly because the request type was not valid.


This method implements the following logic:

  • Checks the connector space of the FIM CM management agent and determines whether any connected pending requests of the same profile template type were already submitted by the specified service account. If there are any, it does not reprovision the request.

  • Checks for the presence of any connected unlinked card profiles. If there are any, it does not reprovision the request.

  • Otherwise, it provisions a new unlinked temporary card request into the connector space for that object.

Thread Safety

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.


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