Extensible Connectivity 2.2 Management Agent Overview

The Management Agent for Extensible Connectivity 2.2 (ECMA 2.2) is a new management agent for FIM 2010 that contains many features unavailable in existing management agents. Similar to the Management Agent for Extensible Connectivity that is included in FIM 2010, the ECMA 2.2 can be customized for any data source, and can be packaged and distributed to other FIM environments. In addition, the ECMA 2.2

  1. Can implement a call-based import and export, as well as a file-based import and export

  2. Provides more flexibility to define custom parameters

  3. Runs in design mode and packaged mode for ease of configuration in Synchronization Service Manager

  4. Expands schema support to include LDAP and databases

  5. Provides support for batch export and import

  6. Supports multiple partitions

  7. Provides a new streamlined template for creating extension projects in Microsoft Visual Studio

For additional overview information on the ECMA 2.2 see Overview: Management Agent for Extensible Connectivity 2.2