IFsrmFileScreenTemplate.CreateAction Method (_FsrmActionType)


Creates an action for this file screen template object. The action is triggered when a file violates the file screen template.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Storage
Assembly:  srmlib (in srmlib.dll)


IFsrmAction CreateAction(
    _FsrmActionType ActionType
IFsrmAction^ CreateAction(
    _FsrmActionType ActionType
abstract CreateAction : 
        ActionType:_FsrmActionType -> IFsrmAction
Function CreateAction (
    ActionType As _FsrmActionType
) As IFsrmAction


Return Value

Type: Microsoft.Storage.IFsrmAction

Returns a IFsrmAction interface of the newly created action. Query the interface based on the action type that you specified in the ActionType parameter. For example, if ActionType is FsrmActionType_Command, query the interface for the IFsrmActionCommand interface.




You can specify up to four unique actions for each file screen template.

The action is deleted if the file screen template is deleted.

For an example, see Performing Action Based on File Screen Violations.

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