IFsrmReportScheduler.VerifyNamespaces Method (Object)


Verifies that the specified local directory paths that are used as the source for the reports are valid.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Storage
Assembly:  srmlib (in srmlib.dll)


void VerifyNamespaces(
    [InAttribute] ref object namespacesSafeArray
void VerifyNamespaces(
    [InAttribute] Object^% namespacesSafeArray
abstract VerifyNamespaces : 
        namespacesSafeArray:Object byref -> unit
Sub VerifyNamespaces (
    <InAttribute> ByRef namespacesSafeArray As Object


  • namespacesSafeArray
    Type: System.Object

    A VARIANT that contains a SAFEARRAY of local directory paths. Each element of the array is a variant of type VT_BSTR. Use the bstrVal member of the variant to set the path.


If the paths are valid, you can use them when calling the CreateScheduleTask method.The paths are valid if:

  1. All paths in the array are on NTFS volumes.

  2. All paths in the array are on volumes that are online accessible.

  3. For clusters, all paths are on volumes that are in the same failover group.

If one of the paths fails to validate, there is no indication of which path failed. To determine which path failed, you need to call this method for each path separately. For clusters, if all paths validate, you need to verify the cluster groups using the cluster APIs.

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