IFsrmAutoApplyQuota.CreateThresholdAction Method (Int32, _FsrmActionType)


Creates an action and associates it with the specified threshold on the automatic quota object.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Storage
Assembly:  srmlib (in srmlib.dll)


IFsrmAction CreateThresholdAction(
    int threshold,
    _FsrmActionType ActionType
IFsrmAction^ CreateThresholdAction(
    int threshold,
    _FsrmActionType ActionType
abstract CreateThresholdAction : 
        threshold:int *
        ActionType:_FsrmActionType -> IFsrmAction
Function CreateThresholdAction (
    threshold As Integer,
    ActionType As _FsrmActionType
) As IFsrmAction


  • threshold
    Type: System.Int32

    The threshold with which to associate the action. Specify the same value that you specified when calling the AddThreshold method.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.Storage.IFsrmAction

Returns a IFsrmAction interface of the newly created action. Query the interface based on the action type that you specified in the ActionType parameter. For example, if the action type is FsrmActionType_Command, query the interface for the IFsrmActionCommand interface.


IFsrmQuotaObject.CreateThresholdAction(Int32, _FsrmActionType)


You can specify up to four unique actions for each threshold.

The action is deleted if the threshold is deleted.

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