IFsrmPropertyDefinition.PossibleValues Property


Retrieves or sets the possible values to which the property can be set.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Storage
Assembly:  srmlib (in srmlib.dll)


object[] PossibleValues { get; set; }
property array<Object^>^ PossibleValues {
    array<Object^>^ get();
    void set(array<Object^>^ value);
abstract PossibleValues : Object[] with get, set
Property PossibleValues As Object()

Property Value

Type: System.Object[]

A Object containing A SAFEARRAY of VARIANTs that contains one or more possible values to which the property can be set. Set the variant type of each variant to VT_BSTR. Use the bstrVal member to specify the possible value.

Each possible value is limited to 100 characters. You can specify as many values as needed.

To clear the list of values, set to NULL or an empty array.


You must specify a possible values list if the property's type is FsrmPropertyDefinitionType_OrderedList or FsrmPropertyDefinitionType_MultiChoiceList.

You cannot delete a possible value from the list if a rule specifies the value (see Value). Deleting the value does not remove the value from files that are currently classified using that value.

You can change the order of the values in the list. For ordered lists, changing the order can affect aggregation the next time classification runs.

To specify descriptions for each possible value, set the ValueDescriptions property.

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