IFsrmFileManagementJob.OperationType Property


Retrieves or sets the type of file management job. The type determines the operation to perform on a file when all conditions are met.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Storage
Assembly:  srmlib (in srmlib.dll)


_FsrmFileManagementType OperationType { get; set; }
property _FsrmFileManagementType OperationType {
    _FsrmFileManagementType get();
    void set(_FsrmFileManagementType value);
abstract OperationType : _FsrmFileManagementType with get, set
Property OperationType As _FsrmFileManagementType

Property Value

Type: Microsoft.Storage._FsrmFileManagementType

Returns a _FsrmFileManagementType containing the type of job.


If the type is FsrmFileManagementType_Expiration, FSRM moves the files that meet all the file management job's conditions to the path specified by the ExpirationDirectory property when the job is run.

If the type is FsrmFileManagementType_Custom, FSRM executes the custom action specified in the CustomAction property for every file that meets all the file management job's conditions when the file management job is run.

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