About the HTML Help Authoring Guide

The HTML Help Authoring Guide is an online document designed to provide designers, developers, and help authors with the information they need to use HTML Help and its components.

The HTML Help Authoring Guide has these sections:

  • HTML Help Start Page: General information about HTML Help and an introduction to the HTML Help components.
  • Designing a help system: Topics for help authors, designers, and developers using HTML Help to design and develop a help system.
  • Creating help: Information for help authors using HTML Help Workshop as a tool to create, edit, and manage help files.
  • Using HTML Help on the Web: Information about using components of HTML Help on Web sites to organize and present information.
  • HTML Help references: The HTML Help ActiveX control reference, the HTML Help API reference, the HTML tag reference, are all imporatnt references for the help developer. A pointer is also available to the documentation for the HTML Help Viewer that a help author can use to create help topics for the Help Viewer.

The HTML Help Web site contains additional information about HTML Help design and development, including updated references, and sample topics on how to use the Help Viewer.

The HTML Help Components