Opens a pop-up help topic. Generally used in response to the Windows WM_HELP message. For example, this message is sent when a user presses F1.

hwndCaller pszFile dwData
Specifies the window handle of the dialog box control for which you want pop-up help to appear. This is typically the control that has focus. Specifies the compiled help (.chm) file, and the text file that contains the pop-up help topics. By default, the text file is named Cshelp.txt. If Cshelp.txt is located in the root of the compiled help file, then you only need to specify the help file name. If not, you must also specify the relative path.
Specifies an array of DWORDs containing pairs of dialog box control IDs and help topic IDs. The array must be terminated by zero. If a control does not require pop-up help, specify -1 for the help topic ID.
DWORD ids[5] ;
     ids[0] = ControlID1 ;
     ids[1] = HelpID1 ;
     ids[2] = ControlID2 ;
     ids[3] = -1 ;
     ids[4] = 0 ;


         (DWORD) ids) ;


  • The text file that contains the pop-up help topics must be included in the [TEXT POPUPS] section of your project (.hhp) file.
  • HH_TP_HELP_WM_HELP is very similar to the WinHelp HELP_WM_HELPuCommand parameter.

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