To add a full-text search stop list to a help project

  1. Create a full-text search stop list.

  2. Open a project (.hhp) file, and then click Change Project Options.

    Specifies files, compiler, window, and other project settings.
  3. Click the Files tab, and then enter the name of your stop list (.stp) file in the Full text search stop list file box.


  • A stop list decreases the size of the full-text search index, which results in a smaller compiled help (.chm) file because fewer words are indexed. This is especially important if you have a large documentation set. All words in the stop list are omitted from the search. These are usually commonly occurring words or numbers, such as "the," "and," or "1" that a user is unlikely to search for.
  • You can create a full-text search stop list from the sample list that comes with HTML Help Workshop, and then include it in your project file.
  • For the 1.3 release of HTML Help, the size of this file is limited to 512 bytes.
  • Do not set the stop list as read-only, it will not function if this property is set.

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