The MVEntry class represents an entry in the metaverse.

The MVEntry class is derived from the IEnumerable class.

Public Methods

The MVEntry class has the following public methods.

Method Description

Determines if two objects are equal.


Retrieves an AttributeNameEnumerator object that allows enumeration of the names of the attributes in the MVEntry object.


Serves as a hash function for a particular type.


Retrieves the Type of the current object.


Retrieves a String that represents the current object.

Public Properties

The MVEntry class defines the following public properties.

Property Description
ConnectedMAs Data type: ConnectedMACollection
Access type: Read-only

Retrieves a ConnectedMACollection object that contains a collection of the management agents with connected objects.

Item Data type: Attrib
Access type: Read-only

Retrieves the Attrib object for an attribute in the MVEntry object.

ObjectID Data type: System.Guid
Access type: Read-only

Retrieves the identifier of the metaverse entry.

ObjectType Data type: String
Access type: Read-only

Retrieves the object type of the metaverse entry.

Protected Constructors

The MVEntry class has the following protected constructor.

Constructor Description

Creates an instance of the MVEntry class.


Product ILM 2007 FP1
Namespace Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices
Assembly Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices
.NET Framework .NET Framework 2.0

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