step-details Element

The <step-details> element stores run information about one step of the management agent run.


    step-number = "a number"
    step-id = "GUID of step"


Attribute Type Required Description


a number


Contains the sequence number of the step within the run, starting with 1.


GUID of step


Contains the globally unique identifier (GUID) of the row in the step history table. It is used to retrieve the connector space distinguished name associated with a counter.

Child Elements

Element Description


Contains a number (sometimes called the current export batch number) associated with the management agent. It is incremented each time an export run-step is run for this management agent.


Contains the date and time at which the step completed.

Note  This element will be present only if the step has completed.


Contains statistics on the number of changes sent out. If the step type is export, then this element will be present.


Contains information about the number of disconnectors which became connectors during this run and the disposition of existing connectors.


Contains the <current-export-step-counter> of the last export run step which completed in its entirety. This number is sometimes called the last successful export batch number of the management agent.


Stores information about the connection between the management agent and the connected directory. It may appear for both import and export runs. The management agent reports the server it connected to and also servers it failed to connect to. The management agent reports management agent-specific error information, which is helpful in debugging the problem.


Contains the values of some management agent discovery counters.


Contains an XML description of errors that were encountered. This element is only present if the step does an import against a connected directory and the management agent hit errors (as opposed to synchronization errors).


Contains information about metaverse objects that the Identity Integration Server could not synchronize.

Note  This error never occurs on export runs.


Contains a tag which records the counts of provisioning and export attribute flow. If the step involves applying changes from the connector space to the metaverse, then there may be one or more provisioning changes or export attribute flow. Each management agent for which provisioning or non-trivial export attribute flow occurs, there will be an <outbound-flow-counters> tag.


Contains statistics on the staging of the entries that were imported. If the step involves importing from a connected directory or from a drop file, then this element will be present.


Contains the date and time at which the step began.


Contains an XML description of the step copied from the run profile. It includes information such as step type, subtype, partition name, and management agent-specific information like the name of the discovery file (in case of XML management agent).


Contains a non-localized string giving the current status of the step.


Contains a list of connector space objects having problems either synchronizing a connector space delta through to the metaverse and out to other connector spaces or pushing an export delta out to the connected directory.

Parent Elements



Child Element Sequence

The tree shows the ordering and number of child elements. Child elements in a Sequence must appear in the order given and child elements in a Choice are mutually exclusive. Sequences and Choices can be nested. Element names are followed by the minimum and maximum occurrences.

    start-date (Exactly 1)
    end-date (Minimum = 0; Maximum = 1)
    step-result (Exactly 1)
    step-description (Exactly 1)
    current-export-step-counter (Exactly 1)
    last-successful-export-step-counter (Exactly 1)
    ma-connection (Exactly 1)
    ma-discovery-errors (Minimum = 0; Maximum = 1)
    synchronization-errors (Minimum = 0; Maximum = 1)
    mv-retry-errors (Minimum = 0; Maximum = 1)
    ma-discovery-counters (Minimum = 0; Maximum = 1)
    staging-counters (Minimum = 0; Maximum = 1)
    inbound-flow-counters (Minimum = 0; Maximum = 1)
    outbound-flow-counters (Minimum = 0; Maximum = 1)
    export-counters (Minimum = 0; Maximum = 1)

Element Information

Can be empty No

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