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The WebhitsDisplayScript entry determines whether scripting code is returned in hit-highlighting results when a query searches a virtual directory that has read access and contains script files.


Default: 1
Range: 0, 1, 2



Setting the value of the WebhitsDisplayScript entry to zero directs the system not to return hit highlights. Setting the value of this entry to one specifies the display only of those files written in scripts with recognized filters. For example, the HTML filter allows hit highlights to be displayed for .asp files. No content is displayed for script files written in Perl.

Setting the value of this entry to two specifies the return of hit highlights for all scripts searched. Only the HTML portion of a script file is returned, and the raw code remains unavailable to hit-highlighting.

The value of an identically named entry under the Catalog subkey for a specific catalog cannot override the value of this entry.

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