GetSupportedFeatures method of the MSISCSITARGET_ReplicationServiceCapabilities class

Retrieves the supported features for a specified replication type.

This method is inherited from the CIM_ReplicationServiceCapabilities class.


uint32 GetSupportedFeatures(
  [in]  uint16 ReplicationType,
  [out] uint16 Features[]


ReplicationType [in]

Specifies the replication type.

The MSISCSITARGET_ReplicationServiceCapabilities.SupportedReplicationTypes property values are.

Synchronous Mirror Local (2)

Asynchronous Mirror Local (3)

Synchronous Mirror Remote (4)

Asynchronous Mirror Remote (5)

Synchronous Snapshot Local (6)

Asynchronous Snapshot Local (7)

Synchronous Snapshot Remote (8)

Asynchronous Snapshot Remote (9)

Synchronous Clone Local (10)

Asynchronous Clone Local (11)

Synchronous Clone Remote (12)

Asynchronous Clone Remote (13)

DMTF Reserved

14 0x7FFF

Vendor Specific

0x8000 = *value*

Features [out]

On return, contains the supported features.

The possible values are.

Replication groups (2)

Multihop element replication (3)

Multihop elements must have same SyncType (4)

Multihop requires advance notice (5)

Requires full discovery of target ComputerSystem (6)

Service suspends source I/O when necessary (7)

Targets allocated from Any storage pool (8)

Targets allocated from Shared storage pool (9)

Targets allocated from Exclusive storage pool (10)

Targets allocated from Multiple storage pools (11)

Targets require reserved elements (12)

Target is associated to SynchronizationAspect (13)

Source is associated to SynchronizationAspect (14)

Error recovery from Broken state Automatic (15)

Target must remain associated to source (16)

Remote resource requires remote CIMOM (17)

Synchronized clone target detaches automatically (18)

Reverse Roles operation requires Read Only source (19)

Reverse Roles operation requires resync (20)

Restore operation requires fracture (21)

Resync operation requires activate (22)

Copy operation requires offline source (23)

Adjustable CopyPriority (24)

Source requires reserved element (25)

Supports undiscovered resources (26)

DMTF Reserved

27 0x7FFF

Vendor Specific

0x8000 = *value*

Return value

This method returns one of the following values.

Success (0)

Not Supported (1)

Unknown (2)

Timeout (3)

Failed (4)

Invalid Parameter (5)

In Use (6)

DMTF Reserved (7 0x7FFF)

Vendor Specific (0x8000 = value )


Minimum supported client
None supported
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2012 R2

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