SAX Error Messages


The Simple API for XML (SAX) returns the following error messages.

Error code Error string Description
0xC00CEE00 MSG_E_MX Reader error.
0xC00CEE01 MSG_E_INPUTEND Unexpected end of input.
0xC00CEE02 MSG_E_ENCODING Unrecognized encoding.
0xC00CEE03 MSG_E_ENCODINGSWITCH Unable to switch the encoding.
0xC00CEE04 MSG_E_ENCODINGSIGNATURE Unrecognized input signature.
0xC00CEE20 MSG_E_WC Well formedness error.
0xC00CEE21 MSG_E_WHITESPACE Whitespace expected.
0xC00CEE22 MSG_E_SEMICOLON Semicolon expected.
0xC00CEE23 MSG_E_GREATERTHAN '>' expected.
0xC00CEE24 MSG_E_QUOTE Quote expected.
0xC00CEE25 MSG_E_EQUAL Equal expected.
0xC00CEE26 MSG_E_LESSTHAN An attribute value must not contain '<'.
0xC00CEE27 MSG_E_HEXDIGIT Hexadecimal digit expected.
0xC00CEE28 MSG_E_DIGIT Decimal digit expected.
0xC00CEE29 MSG_E_LEFTBRACKET '[' expected.
0xC00CEE2A MSG_E_LEFTPAREN '(' expected.
0xC00CEE2B MSG_E_XMLCHARACTER Illegal xml character.
0xC00CEE2C MSG_E_NAMECHARACTER Illegal name character.
0xC00CEE2D MSG_E_SYNTAX Incorrect document syntax.
0xC00CEE2E MSG_E_CDSECT Incorrect CDATA section syntax.
0xC00CEE2F MSG_E_COMMENT Incorrect comment syntax.
0xC00CEE30 MSG_E_CONDSECT Incorrect conditional section syntax.
0xC00CEE31 MSG_E_DECLATTLIST Incorrect ATTLIST declaration syntax.
0xC00CEE32 MSG_E_DECLDOCTYPE Incorrect DOCTYPE declaration syntax.
0xC00CEE33 MSG_E_DECLELEMENT Incorrect ELEMENT declaration syntax.
0xC00CEE34 MSG_E_DECLENTITY Incorrect ENTITY declaration syntax.
0xC00CEE35 MSG_E_DECLNOTATION Incorrect NOTATION declaration syntax.
0xC00CEE36 MSG_E_NDATA NDATA expected.
0xC00CEE37 MSG_E_PUBLIC PUBLIC expected.
0xC00CEE38 MSG_E_SYSTEM SYSTEM expected.
0xC00CEE39 MSG_E_NAME Name expected.
0xC00CEE3A MSG_E_ROOTELEMENT A document must contain exactly one root element.
0xC00CEE3B MSG_E_ELEMENTMATCH The name in the end tag of the element must match the element type in the start tag.
0xC00CEE3C MSG_E_UNIQUEATTRIBUTE No attribute name may appear more than once in the same start tag or empty element tag.
0xC00CEE3D MSG_E_TEXTXMLDECL A text/xml declaration may occur only at the very beginning of input.
0xC00CEE3E MSG_E_LEADINGXML Names beginning with the three letter sequence x, m, l, in any case combination, are reserved for use by XML and XML-related specifications.
0xC00CEE3F MSG_E_TEXTDECL Incorrect text declaration syntax.
0xC00CEE40 MSG_E_XMLDECL Incorrect xml declaration syntax.
0xC00CEE41 MSG_E_ENCNAME Incorrect encoding name syntax.
0xC00CEE42 MSG_E_PUBLICID Incorrect public identifier syntax.
0xC00CEE43 MSG_E_PESINTERNALSUBSET In the internal DTD subset, parameter entity references can occur only where markup declarations can occur, not within markup declarations.
0xC00CEE44 MSG_E_PESBETWEENDECLS The replacement text of a parameter entity referenced between markup declarations must be well formed.
0xC00CEE45 MSG_E_NORECURSION A parsed entity must not contain a recursive reference to itself, either directly or indirectly.
0xC00CEE46 MSG_E_ENTITYCONTENT The replacement text of an entity referenced in the content must be well formed.
0xC00CEE47 MSG_E_UNDECLAREDENTITY Undeclared entity.
0xC00CEE48 MSG_E_PARSEDENTITY An entity reference must not contain the name of an unparsed entity.
0xC00CEE49 MSG_E_NOEXTERNALENTITYREF Attribute values cannot contain direct or indirect entity references to external entities.
0xC00CEE4A MSG_E_PI Incorrect processing instruction syntax.
0xC00CEE4B MSG_E_SYSTEMID Incorrect system identifier syntax.
0xC00CEE4C MSG_E_QUESTIONMARK '?' expected.
0xC00CEE4D MSG_E_CDSECTEND The content of an element must not contain the character sequence ']]>'.
0xC00CEE4E SAX_E_DTD_PROHIBITED DTD is prohibited.
0xC00CEE4F MSG_E_RESERVEDXMLNAMESPACE The namespace for 'xmlns:xml' is reserved and it can only be declared as ''.
0xC00CEE50 MSG_E_RESERVEDXMLNS Prefixes 'xml' and 'xmlns' are reserved for use by XML.
0xC00CEE60 MSG_E_NC Namespace error.
0xC00CEE61 MSG_E_QNAMECHARACTER Illegal qualified name character.
0xC00CEE62 MSG_E_QNAMECOLON A qualified name cannot contain multiple colons.
0xC00CEE63 MSG_E_NAMECOLON An attribute value declared to be of type ID, IDREF(S), ENTITY(IES) or NOTATION cannot contain colons.
0xC00CEE64 MSG_E_DECLAREDPREFIX Declared prefix.
0xC00CEE65 MSG_E_UNDECLAREDPREFIX Undeclared prefix.
0xC00CEE66 MSG_E_EMPTYURI Only a default namespace can have an empty URI.
0xC00CEE80 MSG_E_VC Validity error.