Compiler Messages

When you compile a help project, HTML Help Workshop notifies you if there are basic problems in the project files by creating compiler messages. You can monitor these messages to see whether any problems, such as missing links or graphics, exist in your help files.

HTML Help Workshop reports these compiler messages:

Note  A condition you should be aware of, which will probably not cause serious problems when you open your help file. Note error messages have a number range from 1000 through 2999. For example, a broken link causes this type of message: The file "c:\htmlhelp\httempex.htm" has a link to a non-existent file: "tmplstep.htm".


  • Warning
    A condition that results in a defective help file. Warning error messages have a number range from 3000 through 4999. For example, an invalid DLL causes this type of message: HHW4000: Warning: Unable to initialize for full-text search. The .dll may not be installed or is invalid.

  • Error
    A condition that prevents the help file from being built. Error messages have a number range from 5000 through 6999.

  • Internal Error
    An error caused by the HTML Help Workshop program. Internal Error messages have a number greater than 7000.

Note  HTML Help Workshop can display up to 64K of messages on the screen in Microsoft Windows 95 and 1 MB in Windows 2000, but there is no practical limit to how many compiler messages can be saved to a file.


About Compiling a Help Project