Dynamic Namespace Extensions

This feature is introduced in MMC 1.1.

A snap-in can dynamically add namespace extensions to any of its own scope items. To dynamically extend one of your snap-in's scope items, the snap-in simply calls the IConsoleNameSpace2::AddExtension method. Be aware that the AddExtension method only works for items that are directly owned by the snap-in making the AddExtension call.

In addition, AddExtension adds the extension (specified by the CLSID specified in the lpClsid parameter) to a particular instance of a scope item (which is specified by hItem parameter). It does not affect other scope items of that node type.

A common place to add dynamic namespace extensions is in the MMCN_EXPAND notification handler of the snap-in's IComponentData object.

Be aware that the extension snap-in must be a namespace extension. In addition, the MMC registry entries for the primary snap-in and the extension snap-in must be set correctly. For details on setting MMC registry entries for namespace extensions, see Extending a Primary Snap-in's Namespace.

As with all namespace extensions, the extension snap-in must be able to handle the data object of the scope item extended in the primary snap-in. To interact with a primary snap-in, an extension snap-in must understand the primary snap-in's clipboard formats.

Adding Dynamic Extensions: Interfaces

Dynamic Non-Namespace Extensions

Working with Extension Snap-ins

MMC Registry Entries