MMC 2.0 Programmer's Guide Overview

The Microsoft Management Console (MMC 2.0) SDK provides a framework for writing COM-based snap-ins for managing applications. You must understand the MMC framework to successfully develop a snap-in.


The sample snap-ins are no longer provided with the Microsoft Management Console 2.0 SDK. The successor, MMC 3.0 SDK is the recommended SDK to use for creating snap-ins. Please refer to the MMC 3.0 How-To Develop Snap-ins using MMC topic for information on snap-in samples.


The MMC Programmer's Guide is an integral part of the MMC SDK documentation. In it, you will find conceptual information and programming guidelines that cover the MMC framework in detail.

This overview covers many of the basic concepts that you need to be aware of to use the MMC framework effectively. Some of the topics cover MMC concepts in detail; other topics present information at a higher level and point to more detailed information found elsewhere in the MMC SDK documentation.

This section covers the following topics: