The MMCN_LISTPAD notification is introduced in MMC 1.1.

The MMCN_LISTPAD notification message is sent to a snap-in's IComponent implementation when the list control for the list view taskpad for one of its scope items is being attached or detached.


lpDataObject [in]

A pointer to the data object of the currently selected scope item.

arg [in]

A value that is TRUE if MMC is attaching the list control to the snap-in; FALSE if MMC is detaching the list control from the snap-in.


Not used.

Return value


The snap-in successfully handled the notification.


The snap-in does not handle the notification. MMC then performs a default operation for the notification.


When a list view taskpad is displayed, MMC clears the items in the result pane, attaches the list control used in the taskpad, and sends this notification with arg set to TRUE. The snap-in must handle this notification by populating the list with items using the IResultData or IResultOwnerData interface.

When the view is switched from the list view taskpad to another view, MMC sends this notification with arg set to FALSE. When the snap-in handles this notification, it can free the resources (if any) used to populate the list.

When the snap-in receives the MMCN_LISTPAD notification with arg set to TRUE, it should query for the IImageList interface and use it to add images to the list view on the taskpad. The snap-in can call the IConsole2::QueryResultImageList method to get an IImageList interface pointer.


Minimum supported client
Windows Vista
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2008

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